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ABOUT Johns creek montessori

Authentic Montessori Experience


  Authentic Montessori environment

  Help children to develop independence and self-discipline

  Vibrant classroom communities outfitted with high quality Montessori materials

  Community guides all hold Montessori certification from an accredited organization for the age group that they teach

 Fosters non-competitive, mutually beneficial relationships between children of different ages

Located near the intersection of 141 and McGinnis Ferry Road in Johns Creek, Johns Creek Montessori School of GA provides excellence in an authentic Montessori education for children 8 weeks to 6 years of age. Our classrooms are best experienced through personal observation, so we encourage you to schedule a time to observe our “Montessori Magic”.

JCMSOG provides a genuine Montessori environment, one in which each child’s needs are respected and everyone works together for the good of the community.

A hallmark of our classrooms is independence and focus. As the child’s confidence in his ability to care for himself and his environment grows, his brain develops more “bandwidth” for increased academic learning.

The child’s muscular control is refined as she learns to care for herself and for her classroom; these lessons offer opportunities for the development of self-discipline.

Achieving proficiency in reading, handwriting, math and science comes naturally as a result of repetition and discovery. Each of our lead teachers is credentialed from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), from the American Montessori Society (AMS) or from the Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS) These, MACTE-accredited teacher training programs prepare the teacher to work with each child individually, guiding him to the lessons or activities best suited for his particular developmental needs as he shows readiness.

Each of our vibrant classrooms are outfitted with high quality Montessori materials designed to give the child the knowledge he seeks, and lessons are planned with care so that the child comes to appreciate and maintain the order, serenity and beauty inherent in a Montessori environment.

Children are placed in multi-age classrooms that allow for non-competitive, mutually beneficial relationships. In our classrooms, the younger children learn by observing the older children while the. older children test their learning by demonstrating lessons for their younger friends. Younger friends seek older classmates for support while these older students learn leadership qualities as they assist others.

"If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence." 
- Maria Montessori

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Johns Creek Montessori School of Georgia is an AMP Academics Institution.


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