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  • Authentic Montessori experience


Located near the intersection of 141 and McGinnis Ferry Road in Johns Creek, Johns Creek Montessori School of GA provides excellence in Montessori education for children 8 weeks to three years old. The JCMSOG Difference is best experienced in person. Please schedule a time to observe our “Montessori Magic”.

  • JCMSOG provides an authentic Montessori environment, where each individual’s needs are respected and everyone works together for the good of the community. The focus is always on helping the children to develop themselves in a caring, peaceful environment.
  • By helping children to develop independence, we assist them in their physical and emotional development.  As their sense of security in their ability to care for themselves and their environment grows, their brains have more energy or “bandwidth” for increased academic learning. Additionally, this focus on development of muscular control is a first step in developing self discipline.
  • Each of our vibrant classroom communities are outfitted with high quality Montessori materials designed to meet each child’s individual developmental needs, so that no matter a child’s learning style or pace, we have the right equipment on hand to give him exactly what he needs.
  • Each of our teachers, or Community Guides, has completed an additional one to two years of Montessori studies in order to receive their certification from a MACTE-accredited organization. They are trained to work with each child individually, guiding them to the lessons or activities best suited for that child’s particular developmental needs.
  • The multi-age groupings allow for non-competitive, mutually beneficial relationships between children. The younger children learn by observing the older children. The older children test their learning by repeating lessons for their younger friends. See Ages & Stages for more information about how and why these multi-age groupings were designed.
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